Are you doing Kangoo Jumps? You have a better sex-life

It is one of the most modern and the most fun ways of doing sports. That is how fans of Kangoo Jumps describe the movement made with the aid of boots on springs. Fewer know, however, that practicing Kangoo Jumps leads to a bettering of your sex-life.


Kinga Sebestyen

Women as well as men training with the famous Kangoo Jumps boots prove to be more flexible, to have a higher stamina, their peripheral circulation intensifies, heightening thus sexual desire. Besides these, Kangoo Jumps burns fat, tonifies all the muscles of the body, stimulates the lymphatic system detoxifying the organism, strengthening also the skeletal system.

Kinga Sebestyen, the most famous Kangoo Jumps trainer, explains the phenomenon:

“Practicing Kangoo Jumps can improve erection and reduces the risks of impotence! Men may enjoy more years of sex-life if they practice sports regularly! Also, physical activity reduces the risk of impotence after a given age. Statistics have shown that men over the age of 50 who practice sports have an active sex-life and that the risk of impotence was reduced by 30% as compared to those who do not practice any sports. Movement and training with Kangoo Jumps increases potency because they strengthen the cardiovascular system and improve the circulation. A good peripheral circulation is essential for the erectile function while obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption have an adverse effect.”


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