Kangoo Jumps is more than a brand, it is a lifestyle.

Through her career, the famous Kangoo Jumps trainer, Kinga Sebestyen has changed into better the lives of thousands of people who have managed to lose weight, to become healthier and to gain more self-confidence.

Julie Mayaya Kinga Sebestyen

One of the women whose destiny and life-style perception has been radically changed by Kinga is Julie Mayaya, the artist who has won the contest Romania’s Voice.

Before meeting Kinga Sebestyen, Julie weighed 95 kilograms and struggled with a consistent layer of fat and cellulite.

“Two months after starting training, Julie lost 16 kilograms. After only four sessions she weighed 91,5 kg, and after eight 89. She later said that she liked Kangoo Jumps a lot, that she had become confident about her own body, highly motivated and that the sessions were a lot of fun.


Thus I have found the most joyful and efficient way of losing the kilograms accumulated in 10 years because of excess eating.


I designed her personalized diet and nutrition tips. She threw away everything she had in the fridge, she drank a lot of water with lemon, she ate a grapefruit a day, salads with lean meat, she gave up sugar and started using honey instead, which is not a highly restrictive diet. During the program Julie also received advice from specialists of the Fat Burning by Kinga program which meant huge psychological comfort,” Kinga says.

Another young woman whose life changed is Gabriella Boga.gabriella-boga-kinga-sebestyen

„She is now 18 and she is a student. She struggled with weight programs from childhood. She tried different methods of dieting but none brought her the desired result. Upon the advice of a friend she tried Kangoo Jumps. At that point she weighed 120 kilograms.

At the beginning she had 2-3 sessions of Kangoo Jumps a week and ate regularly. After only 2 months there were already visible results, she lost 20 kilograms. After a year, she participated at 6-7 classes of Kangoo Jumps a week and she lost 45 kilograms. She followed my advice and she lost the weight without stress or effort, without having to give up her favorite food, only doing Kangoo Jumps and following the Fat Burning by Kinga method with cardio and weight-lifting exercises,” Kinga says.

Another success story is that of Mihaela Mihai, winner of the first edition of Fat Burning by Kinga, a program with the help of which she managed to lose 30 kilograms.

mihaela mihai fat burning

„Being a national contest, the program meant double motivation as compared to starting dieting and doing sports by herself. Thus the result was much better as well. Mihaela loves Kangoo Jumps and she participates at 3-4 sessions of Kangoo Jumps every week. After finishing the Fat Burning program, Mihaela continued doing Kangoo Jumps and she lost further 24 kilograms, and since then she has kept fit and has kept her weight with Kangoo Jumps,” Kinga told us.


Kinga organizes the International Kangoo Jumps Festival in Sofia on the 26th and 27th of September, managing thus to bring to event back to Europe after last year’s edition having taken place in Florida, the USA.

„This is an energetic and nice festival where all those passionate about Kangoo Jumps from all over the world come to jump together. This year again we promise a nice show, we are going to jump together with artists, singers and local celebrities who keep fit with the miraculous Kangoo Jumps boots.

All the famous trainers and presenters are going to be there. Soon more information will be available on our sites http://www.kjfestival.com, http://www.kangooclub.ro and http://www.kangooclubs.com”, Kinga Sebestyen declares. Kangoo Jumps has numerous benefits: it burns fat, tones all the muscles of the body, it stimulates the lymphatic system thus detoxifying the organism, it strengthens the skeletal system.

Kinga Sebestyen launched the Kangoo Jumps phenomenon in Romania and several other European countries in the 2000s and she has worked with many celebrities including Kim Kardashian.

Source: http://www.agentiadepresamondena.com/trei-femei-au-slabit-90-kg-facand-kangoo-jumps-cu-kinga-sebestyen/

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