What we can drink at the gym besides water

As hydration is extremely important, especially when we are doing sports, Kinga Sebestyen, the famous Kangoo Jumps trainer, discloses to us what we can drink at the gym besides water.


Hydration is extremely important when we are doing sports. At the gym, besides the classic bottle of water, we can take with us other types of natural, healthy liquids, that do not fatten and which can give us the necessary energy. Kinga Sebestyen, the famous Kangoo Jumps trainer, offers us some alternatives to consider.  

“The safest form of hydration is with plain water but, with some exceptions, fresh natural vegetable and fruit juices may be drunk one or two hours before training, especially diluted with water, or you may drink them after the training. I, for example, prefer natural juices of berries, other garden fruit and vegetables bought from small producers. Personally I would use fruit and vegetables as ripe as possible and freshly picked, even if they have a higher quantity of carbohydrates. The more colorful, tasty and perfumed a fruit, the higher its quantity of beneficial substances. Pineapples, papaya, kiwi help digest proteins while ginger aids the digestion of fats. Vegetables, especially root vegetables contain a higher proportion of amidin, so they may raise blood sugar. Of course, tolerance to this has to be tested, first by consuming smaller quantities (half a small cup). In supermarkets you may find special juices for athletes which have the aim of both intense hydrating and rebalancing the level of minerals in the body that are eliminated while doing effort. But you have to pay attention to the fact that these juices should not contain too much sugar,” says Kinga Sebestyen.

Kinga Sebestyen is the most famous Kangoo Jumps trainer from Europe, having launched this phenomenon in Romania and several other European countries, having also worked with the famous Kim Kardashian..

Kinga is organizing the International Kangoo Jumps Festival in Sofia on the 28th and 29th of September, succeeding thus in bringing the event again to Europe after last year’s festival in Florida, United States of America.

“It is an energetic and nice festival where all those passionate about Kangoo Jumps from all over the world come to jump together. This year, again, we promise a good show, we are going to jumps together with artists, singers, local celebrities, who keep in shape with the miraculous Kangoo Jumps boots. All the famous trainers and presenters are going to be there. Soon you can find more information and details of the festival on our websites: www.kjfestival.com, www.kangooclub.ro and kangooclubs.com,” Kinga Sebestyen.

Kangoo Jumps brings a multitude of beneficies: burns fat, tonifies all the muscles of the body, it stimulates the lymphatic system, betoxifying our organism, and it strengthens the skeletal system as well.

Source: Agentia de Presa Mondena

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