Kangoo Jumps Fat Burning Marathon, Bulgaria 2015

A special thanks to Radost Radoslava (Plovidiv), Nina Trendafilova (Plovidiv), Dimitar Kostov (Plovidiv), Gergana Gospodinova (Stara Zagora),Stela Taneva (Stara Zagora), Kalin Petkov (Golden Sands), Kristina Antonova Petrova (Rousse), Мариана Борисова (Veliko Tarnovo), Gabriela Milkova (Veliko Tarnovo), Iana Stoikova (Veliko Tarnovo), Desislava Ivanova(Pleven), Virjinia Petrova (Sofia – The Hall), Petya Ivanova (Sofia – The Hall), Li Kirilova (Pernik), Violina Borisova (Pernik), Valentina Borisova (Sofia – Neo), Violena Sport (Haskovo), Marcin Witek (Dobrich), Pavleta Xristova(Dobrich) for supporting the Kangoo Jumps Fat Burning Marathon! I am very happy to have such a professional team in Bulgaria. See you at the Kangoo Jumps International Fitness Festival in September!


The KJ Fat Burning Marathon has come to an end

The Fat Burning Marathon in Bulgaria reached its last destination, Dobrich yesterday. I had a wonderful time with all the Bulgarian Kangoo Jumps lovers during these past two weeks, it was amazing to meet you all! A great thanks for Vasilena Radichkova, the manager of Kangoo Club Bulgaria for her work, all the instructors and of course all those who jumped with us! I hope to see you all again in Sofia at the Kangoo Jumps International Fitness Festival in September!

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Weekend in Bulgaria! :)

We had a great weekend full of Kangoo, fun and charity!

On Friday the 15th our stop was in Sofia to do Boot Camp. Then we had a stop in Pernik on Saturday, the 16th of May to Kangoo with an awesome team. Afterwards we went back to Sofia to join entire Bulgaria to do Kangoo for Tania Lulcheva! On Sunday, the 17th we were in Haskovo and we will finish the Marathon today in Dobrich.

Thank you, Bulgaria, the Fat Burning Marathon was an amazing experience by your side!

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