“Do you have problems with your knee joints? Here is what Kinga Sebestyen recommends you!” – Article (www.adpm.ro)

Exercise is indicated for everyone and it should be part of everyone’s daily routine. Even for those that have problems with their knee joints, according to fitness trainer Kinga Sebestyen’s advice.


Fitness trainer Kinga Sebestyen considers that sport should be part of our everyday routine, even in conditions when we face problems with articulation. Movement, in a variety of forms, is indicated in all cases, including for those that have problems with the knee joints.

“It is a common problem in case of adolescents between the age 12 and 18 years due to the hormonal and physical changes undergoing within their body. The joint can suffer if you suddenly re-start training after a long break and if you put on a few extra kilograms. You start facing pains, blockage at the knees, you can actually hear your knee creaking and your knee joints start swelling.

In these cases I recommend you not to interrupt exercises at gyms, but to be careful and protect your knees with elastic bandages. You can do Kangoo Jumps at a lower intensity, at the A level, more precisely without jumps. We keep the boots on the ground level and only use the flexibility of the springs.

As a Kangoo Jumps trainer, I have to be careful to adjust the springs of the boots according to the weight of the person who comes to the gym. It is important to respect the warm-up exercises, to follow the main part at a slow pace and to do stretching afterwards.

The Kangoo Jumps boots are suitable for everyone, regardless of age and health issues that we may have. It is adjustable in everyone’s case and the exercises are easy to adapt to by anyone. Let us not forget that the Kangoo Jumps boots were invented for a medical purpose in the beginning, for the recovery of patients after accidents and surgery. Therefore these boots have therapeutic actions as their basis. They only have to be used correctly, under supervision of an instructor, in case we have health problems”, declares Kinga Sebestyen.


Kinga Sebestyen launched the Kangoo Jumps phenomenon in the year 2000 in Romania (link) and several other European countries, getting to have worked even with the famous Kim Kardashian.

Kinga Sebestyen has been an aerobic, step, fitball, pilates instructor and lector at the Federatia Romana “Sportul pentru Toti” for 18 years. Starting with the year 2008 she has been organizing workshops for people who wish to become Kangoo Jumps instructors, launching until the present day thousands of specialists who have been training hundred thousands of people all around the world.

Kinga Sebestyen is a trainer coordinator and specialist for the International Academy of Kangoo Jumps Trainers, coordinating programs and offering merit diplomas. In addition to this, she is the author of one of the most effective weight loss programs, Fat Burning, for which she has been awarded on an international level.

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