How Julie Mayaya lost 16 kilograms in 6 weeks, with the help of Kinga Sebestyen

Julie Mayaya, winner of the 2nd season of Voice of Romania talent show, managed to lose 16 kilograms in no more than six weeks, with the help of fitness trainer Kinga Sebestyen.


How did Julie Mayaya lose 16 kilograms in 6 weeks, with the help of Kinga Sebestyen? Well, the artist followed the weight loss program called Fat Burning invented by the well-known Kangoo Jumps instructor and she declares that she is still extremely satisfied by the results.


Julie met Kinga through a friend who lost weight by practicing Kangoo Jumps. The soloist expressed her wish to get rid of her layer of fat and the unaesthetic cellulitis and the most efficient training for this problem was Fat Burning.


Therefore, under the supervision of Kinga Sebestyen, Julie followed a six-week program of personalized diet and sport, three times a week, with Kangoo Jumps boots.

“When she was a child, she practiced tennis, volleyball, karate, judo and ice skating, but since she moved to Bucharest, she started eating fast food, not having her mother near her who would cook her healthy meals day by day. Since she became known after the Voice of Romania competition, she started having concerts in several cities within the country. This meant that she would be on the road all the time, singing during the night and eating several times at midnight. This lifestyle turned her organism upside down. She didn’t only gather extra kilograms, but also cellulitis. With the Fat Burning program she managed in no more than 6 weeks to lose 16 kilograms and to drastically reduce the layer of cellulitis, I prescribed her a personalized diet which included stopping to eat fried meals, fast food, sugar, bread, French fries and replacing them with fruits and vegetables, seeds, non-aerated water with lemon, fresh grapefruit juice every morning and pineapple. It is not a strict diet, it wasn’t our intention either, but it had very good results because it was combined with three sessions of Kangoo Jumps weekly”, we were told by Kinga Sebestyen.

In the present Julie Mayaya looks fabulous, though she wishes to lose a few more kilograms and to maintain her shape on the long run. This means that she will continue to practice Kangoo Jumps as the fitness trainer recommended it to her.


Kangoo Jumps has a multitude of benefits: it burns fat, tones all the muscles of the body, stimulates the lymphatic system and detoxifies the body, strengthens the bone structure.

Kinga Sebestyen launched the Kangoo Jumps phenomenon in Romania and several other European countries in the year 2000, getting to work with the famous Kim Kardashian.


Julie Mayaya, Kinga Sebestyen, Carmen Negoita and Patricia Cimpoiasu (Amadeus)

From the year 2010, fitness trainer Kinga Sebestyen runs the Kangoo Jumps for Life campaign to help children with cancer and leukemia who are in the caring hands of the M.A.M.E. Association.

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