Video! With the help of Kangoo Jumps trainings and her guidance, Julie Mayaya lost 16 kilograms in only 6 weeks. Find out what weight she will stop at!

Julie Mayaya, winner of the second season of a talent show, she recently did a great performance to admire. With help of the fitness trainer Kinga Sebestyen, the singer melted away 16 kilograms in a miraculous way to re-model her body.

Julie Mayaya followed the Fat Burning weight loss program invented by the famous Kangoo instructor and presently is declaring that she is most satisfied with the results. It has happened so that in March the artist was invited and went to visit Congo and her relatives from her father’s side, a vacation she has wished for with all the traditional goodies of her father’s home country. When returning to Romania, Julie stated that the culinary indulgences were to seen on the scales’ needle which indicated 4-5 kilograms more compared to the weight that she had left with. This made Julie to return to the gym as her trainer was strafing her for not taking the special Kangoo Jumps boots along to train during her vacation.


Yesterday the artist trained with Kinga Sebestyen again, letting us know that they will not stop until they reach their target which means that until Julie loses 30 kilograms in three months!

Reporter: How complex is a Kangoo Jumps training and which muscle groups does it move?

Kinga Sebestyen: Kangoo Jumps is a training easy to follow, fun and very efficient. You don’t need any experience in sports and it is recommended for all ages from 6 to, let’s say, 90 years. It doesn’t involve any risks as long as you execute the exercises correctly. Kangoo Jumps was invented mainly for the recovery of sportsmen and patients who suffered operations. The boots protect joints and the vertebral colon. It protects the body from shocks, works all muscular groups and offers a very good cardio training as long as the boots weight 2 kilograms. The cellulitis melts away and toxins are eliminated from the organism.

R: In Julie’s case what training concept did you work with? What weight did she start from and what was your goal?

K.S.: Julie had a training that included cardio and toning exercises with 0.5 kilogram weights, 60-70-minute sessions three times a week. When she has time, she runs and jumps with the Kangoo Jumps boots in the park, in fresh air, since she bought her own pair of boots. In 6 weeks she lost 16 kilograms, and in three months we proposed to get to losing 30 kilograms.

R.: How do you have to prepare for a Kangoo Jumps training? How long before the training are we allowed to eat, what are we allowed to eat and how long after the Kangoo session can we consume food again?

K.S.: I recommend everyone to eat food that offers energy two hours before the training. For example omelette, fried eggs, cheese, toast, tea, fresh orange or grapefruit juice in the morning and something easier to digest for the night, after 7 PM like mozzarella, fish, yoghurt or a protein bar.

R.: How much water do you recommend to drink after training and what is recommended to eat afterwards (fruits, sweets, what else?)

K.S.: I usually stop during the training and recommend drinking water, especially if I have clients over the age of 50, children, people with diabetes or any other health problems in the room. I have the medical files of the clients and I take care of their health, we do trainings that make them feel better, that are efficient and considers their health state. I do not eat sweets because I do not like them. Although when I do feel the need for sweets, I prefer honey, fruits or raisins. Whenever you feel hungry you should drink a big glass of water because many of us confuse the sensation of hunger with thirst. I recommend to keep water with you at all times and do not forget to drink frequently because your organism needs it very much.

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