Weekend Fat Burning by Kinga (11-13 Mai)

Good morning KJ World!

I am very happy to see last weekend in Romania, in 7 Cities 400 people burning calories in Fat Burning by Kinga events with our sponsor Swiss Laboratory Romania Thank you to Antena 1 Nae Marin reality show supporting “Revolutia Slabirii” in Romania for Pablo Ferreirós Bennett & Mihaela Constantinescu to start up Romanian projects with you all !

Congratulation :

  • 11/5 Cugir /Alba Iulia cu Bujor Elena & Dragoiu Cristina
  • 12/5 Mangalia – Stanciu Adrian



  • 12/5 Ramnicu Valcea – Cosmina Apostolescu
  • 12/5 Baia Mare – Silvia Marta, Ioana Cigan, Pintea Cristina
  • 12/5 Odorheui Secuiesc –  Kovács Kata , Przibislawszky Sugarka, Szekely Agnes, Bíró Edit

Thank you guys you we’re amazing!

Wish you the best !!


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