The Stars are working on their bikini body. See what kind of trainings they do! (

Vedetele îşi lucrează corpul pentru vară. Vezi ce antrenamente fac!

Summer is knocking on the door and this makes the stars decide to take measures and to work hard in order to thin their silhouettes. Wanting to look as good as possible, representatives of the aborigine media have started working out!

As they will shortly start wearing summer clothing, the care for a beautiful body is getting bigger by the day. Therefore, either starting a diet or signing up for all kinds of sports activities, stars are working hard to obtain a long dreamed silhouette.


Kinga, a silhouette without defections at the age of 40

Kangoo Jumps trainer Kinga Sebestyen looks impeccable at the age of 40! The famous KJ trainer, Kinga Sebestyen can show off with a perfect body. In spite of the years passed, she proves that with sports and a healthy nutrition you can have at this age the body of an adolescent, well-toned and without cellulitis. Proof to this are the photographs recently made in Los Angeles and signed by Edward Aninaru in which she appears in a bathing suit, showing off her extremely appetizing shape.

The fitness trainer got to look like this during the 10 years while she was exercising and practicing Kangoo Jumps, launching hundreds of instructors as much in Romania as beyond the borders.

“The boots weight 2-3 kilograms and the exercises are much more efficient. It works the muscular structure immediately, strengthens buttocks, abdominal muscles and the ones that sustain the vertebral spine. In addition the toxins are eliminated from the organism very quickly and we can get rid of cellulite and have a soft, shining, beautiful skin. Besides this all Kangoo Jumps classes are very much fun and they charge you with positive energy”, declares Kinga Sebestyen.


Andreea Banica, a faithful client of the gym

For Andreea Banica spor is saint. Although she has a demanding schedule, the star makes sure to visit the gym at least twice a week. At the age of 36 years the singer is devoted to keep her appetizing shape and to achieve this, she does not avoid physical effort. Since she doesn’t want to disappoint her fans and she’s planning on impressing her audience at her every appearance, Andreea started signing up for other programs which promise rapid results.


Andreea Balan maintains herself through sport

Andreea Balan can show off with a silhouette without defections! With all that, the blonde singer does not just lay around, she is working hard on keeping her Barbie-like body. Keeping in mind that her job involves all kinds of choreographies, Andreea maintains herself with dancing. The star has gotten to knowing over 40 styles of dance, and thanks to this, she managed to shape her body very well. Cellulitis and the excess weight are far from her! With all this, the star still does several other physical exercises during the evening, this way making sure that she had enough exercise for the day.

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